The Beauty of the Brown Trout

On the surface, a brown trout may not be that beautiful, but have you ever really examined one up close? They are a lot like snowflakes. As a whole, they’re very similar. Study a single fish for just a moment and you start to see the unique patterns and colors each fish possesses. Then compare different trout against each other and you’ll start to see the beauty of this fish. There are no two alike. This series was originally inspired by a day on the Williams Fork early this. I caught two dozen fish in a mile stretch of the river, and I was amazed at the color and pattern difference between those fish…all caught in the same river at the same time. Now, compare a selection of the brilliantly colored fall spawners, and you’d have an ever larger spectrum to enjoy.

The first two paintings were from two trout I caught this year. The last painting was directly inspired by Rocky Mountain Angler Randy Hick’s monster brown he caught on the South Platte a few weeks ago. All paintings were done in acrylic on 5″x5″x2″ primed wooden cradle board…in case you’re interested.

Since you’re here, check out Randy’s nice brown he caught on the South Platte a few weeks ago.